"I only wish I had known about the Hudson Voice Technique while I was actually working for the BBC! I was a producer and presenter at the BBC World Service for ten years and what I know now (and practice) would have saved a lot of production time and made programmes more effective. There was no formal training at the BBC and when guidance was offered it wasn’t a patch on the Hudson Voice Technique.
I learned more about reading and broadcasting with you Steve, than I did in ten years at the BBC. Only now can I count myself a professional broadcaster and voiceover."

Hugo Fay, BBC World Service

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and come away convinced that this is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively... for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking and more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation..."


Susan Brown, SRA Assessor, Solicitors Regulation Authority

"Many of the children we teach have learning difficulties and social problems, ranging from confidence, bullying and other 'labels', such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), as well as of course, dyslexia.
Some of the parents of our 'labelled' children, have commented on how their children's behaviour both at school and at home has improved.
The techniques that you taught us have been very useful when teaching our dyslexic children. It has helped their diction and projection enormously.
Thank you so much!

Tim and Lesley, Lavender Hill Mob Drama Club 

“Verbal communication skills are a professional necessity for lawyers, yet it is all to easy to reach a plateau of competence and forget about the further development of our strongest asset; our voice.” 

Ryan Ottman, Lawyer and Editor of CPD for Lawyers Magazine

“The Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years. It has made me totally rethink my delivery style."

Mike Smith, Lecturer, Manchester University

"Very good course! Properly organised, clear and useful. It's improved our teleprompter skills immensely. We make a lot of videos and your course really helped us deliver our scripts so much better."

Peter Axtell

Principal & Director of Media Production and Coaching at

“I needed to work on my presentation skills and a colleague suggested Voicemaster.  The Hudson Voice Technique gave me so much confidence that I have enjoyed an uninterrupted two and a half year stint as the top salesman in a 50 strong sales team.”

Tom Lancaster, St James’s House

"By creating the unique Hudson Voice Technique, Hudson has established himself as the worlds' leading communication trainer.
As one of the world's leading providers of psychometric testing services for conventional HR and E-marketing, we organise communication training for our practice and our clients. Steve Hudson has conducted a series of Master classes over the past three years and his technique has had a dramatic effect on the confidence of participants, all of whom have reported a significant improvement in achieving their objectives."

James Grant, CEO

"The Hudson Voice Technique was the best course of its kind I’ve ever been on. The technique really worked and a number of colleagues are interested. I’ll be in touch as soon as I return from holiday and hope to have some good news for you. Thanks again1"

Craig Townsend, ING Bank

"I would just like to let you know how the techniques I learnt on the course have helped me study for my Masters degree. Through my own experience, it is assumed that reading is a given for the academic student. However, the Hudson Voice Technique can improve the efficiency with which you read and can help to absorb and assimilate information more effectively in any area. Best Wishes."

Dr. Sarah Davies MBChB

"I came to Voice Master thinking voice training would be easy. I was wrong. And what an experience! Voice Master has dramatically improved the way in which I communicate and has undoubtedly given me the edge in my presentations to clients. I now have the confidence to get results in whatever context. Colleagues and friends have noted the change. Steve Hudson, with his wealth of experience, adds a truly personal and professional touch that’s

second to none.

The Hudson Voice Technique has given me tremendous confidence, Thanks Steve!"

Paul Ferguson

Director of Legal Services, Broadcasting Standards Commission

"Having completed the course and by using the technique you teach, I am finding that I am far more effective in the advocacy I undertake. I think the simple reason for this is because far more of what I have to say is retained, and your method has instilled in me so much more confidence.Thank you for perhaps the most enjoyable CPD seminar I have attended!"

S.H. Robinson, Solicitor, Patrick Smith & Co.

"My management team and I gained a great deal from spending two half days with Steve Hudson. Learning the Hudson Voice Technique has resulted in a discernible improvement in our presentation style and helped us realise that it's not just what you say, but how you say it that can make all the difference."

Imtiaz Farookhi, NHBC Chief Executive

"Thank you for coming out to Goa. The first session you organised had an immediate impact, so we willl be recommending that all our managers train their staff in the Hudson Voice Technique. Thank you for your ongoing help."

Harish, Aditiya Birla Group (fortune 500)

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