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Our Voiceover Course

Learn the world's first and only technique created specifically for aspiring and established voiceovers!

Some people are told they have a good voice and should be recording voiceovers. That’s like saying;

you have ten fingers so you should play the piano for the Philharmonic Orchestra.


Voiceover work is a great way to make extra money for those who have the ambition and talent. But you can’t expect advertising agencies to pay you thousands of dollars or pounds just because you have a good voice.

The Hudson Voice Technique will teach you the essential techniques you need to become a confident and successful voiceover.

It will put you fully in charge of your greatest asset – your voice – so you can start earning money in this lucrative industry.

Many broadcasters and ‘voiceovers’ believe that recording dozens of voiceovers makes them professional. Well, it doesn’t... remember: they are reading by instinct!

If you don’t have a technique, you will obviously be repeating faults.  A producer recently told me that he likes to use untrained voiceovers because they sound ‘natural’. People who think this are living in cloud-cuckoo-land because sounding natural is the hardest thing for any actor or voiceover to achieve. Only the very best – Miriam Margolyes, Emma Thompson, Jack Nicholson, Dame Judi Dench, Forest Whitaker, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams – and a few more can do this.


Every week, people ask me how much work there is and how much money they can earn as a voiceover.

Once you are trained in the Hudson Voice Technique and with practise, your potential as a voiceover is enormous.

There are many online agencies you can join ,and of course networking is still an excellent way to find voiceover jobs.

The biggest potential is recording corporate narration. This includes videos for documentaries, sales training, safety training, promotional and induction. Thousands of radio and television commercials are produced every year, not to forget video games, websites and talking books.


Why be an amateur if you can be a professional with the Hudson Voice Technique?

Voicemaster Voiceover Courses

VMI Online Voiceover Course:



The online video course has been created specifically for those who prefer learning in their own time and of course so we can offer our unique programme to aspiring voiceovers worldwide.


The online voiceover course consists of 10 video tutorials with scripts for you to print. It will take a approximately 1-2 weeks, 20 minutes a day to complete the course. When you’ve finished each element, you can put the new learned skills into practice immediately.


What you’ll learn:

Control the tone, pace and pitch of your voice and gain confidence in front of a microphone.

By the end of the course you will be able to record TV and radio commercial voiceovers and corporate narration from home to a similar standard as your favourite voiceover or actor.


You will be assessed by Steve Hudson by sending your ‘Before’ and ‘After’ recordings via Email. Students are always welcome to contact Steve for help and advice.

You will receive your VMI Voiceover Diploma upon completion of the course.


Once you have paid for the course, we give you access with a personalised username and password on our
Online Academy.


Live 1-2-1 Master Class with Steve Hudson
(via Skype or at our office)


Prefer face-to-face training?


In that case, you might consider the Live 1-2-1 Master Class with Steve. With the advantage of modern technology, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can arrange a Master Class for you so you can learn from Steve in person via Skype.


How long will it take?

Before your first session, we ask you to record and send your ‘Before’ recordings to Steve. i’m sure you appreciate that some people learn quicker than others, but on average, the course will take a total of 4 hours, split into 2 sessions.


When Steve has taught you the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique, we will give you access to the online video course to help you when you practise.


When you have finished practising, we’ll arrange a last session for your final assessment.


We will send your VMI Voiceover Diploma upon completion of the course.

When we receive your payment, we’ll get in touch to arrange a start date and time.

Voiceover Course Curriculum
Your Voicemaster Diploma!