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VMI Courses

Whether you are a business that wants to incorporate the HUDSON VOICE TECHNIQUE into their sales training, a voiceover who wants to earn more money, a lawyer who wants to come accross as more persuasive, a student who is looking to ace that first interview or a professional who needs to master his 'voice', there is a course for everyone!

 Corporate VMI Workshops 

We customise our corporate course to reflect your company's strategy, training model and business plan!

One of the main problems with communication today is that the majority of people speak too fast, especially when nervous - and that's just one of the problems!

That's because none of us were taught a communication technique at school - we were simply taught to string words together.

Whether you are are a Sales Manager, Sales Executive or Customer Service Director, making a sales or marketing presentation, addressing shareholders, reading an autocue, working in a call centre, managing a team or simply speaking to clients, a professional approach is essential and will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Learn the Hudson Voice Technique for professional effective communication and earn your Voicemaster Diploma for life!

CPD/CLE for Lawyers

16 HRS CPD Training Accredited by the LAW SOCIETY & SRA approved (Solicitors Regulation Authority)

What makes one lawyer more successful than another?

The ability to tell their story better than the opposition!

For the first time, our unique professional development training course is available for those in the legal profession.

Our customised CPD/CLE Course will give you the tools you need to become a more powerful, engaging and persuasive communicator.

Convince the judge, persuade the jury and install confidence in our clients

Voiceover Training

An easy choice for established and aspiring voiceovers!

There are 2 ways to qualify as a voiceover:

1. Two years at a stage school OR,

2. The Hudson Voice Technique for 2 hours a day for 1 week!

If you have a good voice, voiceover work is a great way to make some extra money if who have the ambition and talent. But you cannot expect advertising agencies to pay you thousands just because you have a good voice and drive.

The HUDSON VOICE TECHNIQUE will teach you the essential techniques you need to become a confident and successful voiceover. It will put you fully in charge of your greatest asset – your voice – so you can start earning money in this lucrative industry.

If you are already an actor, broadcaster or voiceover, this is the time to re-access your technique. Are you really getting your message across? Or are you reading by instinct? You will be surprised! Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice technique and realise your potentional by becoming an exceptional voiceover.

Student/Junior VMI Course

The PSR Method (Presentation Skills & Reading)

One of the greatest gifts you can give children is confidence.

Enable them to be the best presenter in class, increase their joy in reading and more confidence when going for job interviews.

The fact is, none of us were taught a communication technique at school because there wasn’t one, we were simply taught to string words together.

Now there is a way children can learn to speak with more confidence and clarity and also start to enjoy reading in their class.

The PSR Method will have a major effect on their education and career.