Enjoy learning with others? 

We've created our Online Masterclasses so you can join a class and learn the Hudson Voice Technique Voiceover Course live from Steve via Skype or Zoom.

Maximum participants: 4


How it works:

  • We will invite you to join your Masterclass by sending you a link. 
  • When you have joined your virtual training room, you'll join Steve and the others. After an introductory chat with everyone, Steve will teach you all you need to know about becoming a professional voiceover.


  • He will start by asking each of you to read some scripts to establish your starting point.
  • Then you will be taught the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique.
  • At the end of the session, your reading and speaking skills will have been transformed!
  • That's when you will read the same scripts you read at the beginning so you can hear the difference.


After your session, it's not quite over!

  • You need to practise your newfound skills, so we give you access to the Online Video Course.
  • When you've practised for a week or so, we'd like you to send more recordings for your final assessment.
  • Of course, you'll pass with flying colours so you will be awarded your VoiceMaster Diploma.


Steve looks forward to meeting you and passing on his expertise!



Live Online Voiceover Masterclass with Steve

£195.00 Regular Price
£145.00Sale Price
  • Classes are run every Friday from 1PM to 5 PM (GMT)

    Just leave us a note with your preferred date and we'll book you in!

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