CPD/CLE Courses for Lawyers

16 HRS CPD Taining accredited by the Law Society

What makes one lawyer more successful than another?

The ability to tell their story better than their competition.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away convinced that the Hudson Voice Technique is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively. The skills acquired can be adapted for various purposes useful for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking generally, and also for more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation, not to mention anyone who might want to set up a sideline as a voiceover. 


I feel that the majority of solicitors would gain from this course, and the provider has been granted accreditation."


Mrs Susan Brown Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) assessor

"Regretfully, a trial court is not designed to discover the truth. It is designed only to discover which side has the most persuasive case.”

Jim Murray LLM, Higher Courts Advocate

Online CLE Course

Masterclass with Steve

Need to train more staff? No problem! 

We have created an easy option for you so that you can purchase multiple courses. All participants will be given individual access to our online CPD/CLE course.

  • All our courses are based on the Hudson Voice Technique and include our online video course for lawyers.

  • All participants will be assessed by Steve and receive their Voicemaster Diploma in PDF format on completion.

  • Once a purchase has been made, we will give access to participants and arrange any meetings with them via Skype.

Learn from the creator himself!

Steve will travel to your offices (this applies to UK based firms*) and conduct a face-to-face Masterclass with you and your team.

His undying enthusiasm and humour are contagious!


You will step out of Steve's Masterclass confident, knowledgeable and start using your newfound skills straight away. Not just in the office but your everyday life as well.

After the Masterclass you will be given access to the online video course so you can refer to it when you practise, or just to go over any of the lessons again for your reference.

* If your offices are not based in the UK, your Final Assessments can be done remotely via Skype.

Here’s an interesting test for all you legal professionals out there!


Read and record this script:

(You can do this on your smartphone or by using Audacity, a free recording software.)


The challenge organisations face is that there is no single ‘key’ to stopping fraud. 

Organisations need to develop a strategy that enables the deployment of appropriate measures to manage this increasing risk. The strategy needs to be owned by those charged with governance, otherwise it will not succeed, and needs to involve people from across the organisation. Most large organisations have mature legal, compliance and internal audit functions. But these are one step removed from where the fraud and misconduct occur.

Steve Hudson:

"How long did that take? I guess about 30 seconds - that’s too fast.

Now I’d like to ask you to record the same script again and try to slow down by several seconds. Don’t leave big gaps between the words, that’s cheating!

The correct time should be 37 seconds."

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