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Frank Sinatra

The best communicator in the world!

by Steve Hudson

"Frank Sinatra is my favourite singers of all time. He was one of the best communicators I’ve ever heard.

When you consider that he came from Hoboken, next door to New York which is not renowned for it’s perfect English, it is quite amazing.

When you listen to him sing, every letter and every word is perfectly delivered.

I had a small part in a film in America, so imagine how excited I was when he and Peter Lawford arrived on set which was in a hotel in Washington DC. I had no idea he was involved in this film.
Making a movie costs thousands of pounds a minute, so producers do not allow any form of delay.

Frank was due sometime in the morning, but arrived at lunchtime and the the producer didn’t say a word. Filming didn’t start until Frank was ready. After all, he was Hollywood royalty!

When we finished work that day, several of the cast, including Frank,

went to the hotel bar. During our conversation I was complaining about the poor standard of communication in the corporate world and from what I experienced in the voiceover business. He agreed and peering over his Jack Daniels, he said to me: "Write one"!


So I started creating the Hudson Voice Technique. Thanks to Frank Sinatra, the Hudson Voice Technique is now being sold all over
the world. Whatever your taste in music, listen to a Frank Sinatra song. It is perfect communication. When he sings he always sounds perfectly relaxed and completely in control. That's because he was a true professional.

In the Hudson Voice Technique course, I use this song to show people that you can really slow down the rate of your speech."