VMI Training Centers - Europe


International Media Training in Paris is now partnering with Voicemaster International, providing all-round training for those in the media. They also offer our online Hudson Voice Technique course.

Founded by Barbara Gray, a TV journalist in 2002, International Media Training is a network of trainers and specialised companies capable of answering multicultural communication issues around the world.

TV, radio, written or electronic press are powerful tools to deliver your message, just as long as you are prepared and are aware of the expectations and limitations of both French and foreign journalists.

Because IMT already works in the area of media and presenting, associating with Voicemaster was and obvious road to take.

The IMT Team will explain the different way each type of media operates. Together they will develop your message, show you how to anticipate certain questions so that you become at ease. You will be taught about body language for television interviews, questions not to answer, when to accept to do an interview, the differences between live and pre-recorded interviews for radio and television.

In public speaking, every situation demands particular expertise. Whether presenting a new product, speaking in front of a shareholders meeting, talking internally to a sales force or holding a press conference in a foreign language, you are required to adapt fast and efficiently to a specific demand.

IMT ensures that your message is adapted to your environment. You learn to avoid misunderstanding or distortion. You work with a journalist or an expert to ensure that your speech is proficient and clear. You learn to overcome stage fright, to use impacted body language and acquire confidence and presence. They also prepare for Q&A sessions.

Every client has different needs and IMT will assess their client’s requirements according to the number of participants.  They offer individual one on one modules of  half a day or more.  For groups, the maximum recommended participants are six. However should your teams needing training exceed this number, they can divide the teams into workshops each with its own individual coach.

Mostly they come to your offices all over France, but they also reserve conveniently located conference suites or TV and/or radio studios.
They quote according to budget constraints and numbers of participants.

+44 (0)1664 46 41 42 - +44 (0)7921 210 400