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over 20+ years experience * taught in 89 countries * in 27 Languages


The Hudson Voice Technique teaches you to be a more powerful and persuasive communicator,
whatever your background, profession or aspirations.

Latest Review...

This course helped me understand how to read scripts better as well as feel more confident in what I am doing as I move forward. Many thanks to Steve Hudson for creating this course.


Elisabeth VanderMeer

Here's what our students think of the Hudson Voice Technique 

The Hudson Voice Technique

The HUDSON VOICE TECHNIQUE is a systematic process that teaches you how to use your voice as a precision tool.
It has been proved to reduce your accent if English is your second language, and enhances memory retention. 



Our course is an entirely new approach to communication skills training. It has been taught for over 20 years, training BBC newscasters, Fortune 500 CEOs, Lawyers and many corporations including ING Bank, British Telecom, lecturers at Oxford University, and of course, those who want to earn extra money as a voiceover artist.

It has been accredited by the Law Society for 16 hours CPD training and we are the official communication skills trainers at the Singapore Media Academy, Bloomberg UTV in India and 8TV in Malaysia.

We have licensed partners and training centres in the UK, France, India, Malaysia and Nigeria.

VMI Courses

We teach you how to take full control of your voice
and the way you deliver your words.

Voiceover Courses

For established and aspiring voiceovers.

There are really only 2 ways to qualify as a voicover: 

1. Two years at a stage school OR

2. The HUDSON VOICE TECHNIQUE for 2 hours a day for 1 week. It is an easy choice.

If you have a good voice, voiceover work is a great way to make some extra money, considering you have the ambition and talent. But you cannot expect advertising agencies to pay you thousands just because you have a good voice and drive.

The Hudson Voice Technique will teach you the essential techniques you need to become a confident and successful voiceover. It will put you fully in charge of your greatest asset – your voice – so you can start earning money in this lucrative industry.

If you are already an actor, broadcaster or voiceover, this is the time to re-assess your technique. Are you really getting your message across? Or are you reading by instinct? You will be surprised! Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique and realise your potential by becoming an exceptional voiceover!

"I am tremendously satisfied                                                     !"

The course is comprehensive. All of the relevant material [and I might add that it's ALL relevant] is sufficiently and successfully covered. I am tremendously satisfied as I feel that the value received far exceeds the money spent. I've been looking for something like this for more than a year, and I would have gladly paid more than I did. I would definitely recommend. Thank You, Steve!

Jim Allen 

Customised Corporate VMI Workshops

Welcome to the future!

Companies are seeing the true value of the HUDSON VOICE TECHNIQUE and have started investing in their workforce by officially incorporating our customized courses into their Sales and Customer Service training.


Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can benefit from the art of persuasion and confidence in how you come accros with the Corporate VMI Course.

Learn the Hudson Voice Technique for professional effective communication and earn your VMI Diploma for life.

"I feel more confident!"

"I was amazed at how much there is to learn about a ‘simple’ thing like reading and talking! It was a really interesting experience and everyone at work has noticed the difference and I must say I feel more confident when I’m talking to clients."

James Mullen

CPD/CLE for Lawyers

16 HRS CPD Training Accredited by the LAW SOCIETY & SRA approved (Solicitors Regulation Authority)

For the first time, our unique professional development training course is available for those in the legal profession.

Lawyers, especially, have to be able to get their message across as clearly and effectively as possible. As a lawyer you do not just have to persuade your client that you will provide them with adequate representation, but also have to defend them effectively in court, in the presence of a judge, the opposition and sometimes a jury.

Our customised course will give you the tools you need to become a more powerful, engaging and compelling communicator. 

"I thought I was an effective communicator..."

"Before taking your course I thought I was an effective communicator who could talk easily with clients, disseminate information and argue effectively. However, having completed the course, and by using the technique you teach, I am finding that I am far more effective in the advocacy I undertake. Far more of what I say is retained, and your technique has instilled in me so much more confidence.

Thank you for perhaps the most enjoyable and educational course I have attended."


S.H. Robinson, Director at C & R Legal Limited (Crowdy and Rose)

Student/Junior VMI Course

Give your children one of the greatest gifts! Confidence!

A child will say their first words at about two years of age. They do this by mimicking their parents. From this point they will start to learn a vocabulary, language, accent, speed, and an intricate way of arranging words in a sentence.

They are gradually creating their unique speech pattern - it’s rather like their verbal DNA. Once they start school, they will pick up habits from their peers - and many of them bad.

There is a lot of reading involved in the first years of life and many children do not enjoy it. On top of that, quite early on, they have to read aloud in class. As they enter adulthood, they have to make presentations, attend interviews and entry level tests for university which are nerve racking; even for most adults! Starting their working life, they have to face job and promotion interviews and competition is fierce.

The fact is, none of us were taught a communication technique at school because there wasn’t one. We were simply taught to string words together.

The PSR Method (Presentational Skills and Reading) is a way children can learn to speak with more confidence and clarity and also start to enjoy reading in class, as well as reap the benefits for the rest of their life!

Our junior course has been donated to schools to help children with learning difficulties and mild dyslexia*

*Read the lovely letter we received from one the schools we have donated to - Lavender Hill Mob Drama Club - in our written testimonials page!

"I am more confident!"

“Hi, I'm Ryan Lim and I’m 12 years old. I am studying in an international school in Shanghai. I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to learn from Steve Hudson because I found drastic improvements in my speech delivery as I grew more confident in my speech.

I would recommend this course to anyone because I found it very helpful.”

Ryan Lim, student, 12 years old

The Polar Express Speed Test!

Here's a challenge. Take our quick speed test. It will only take a few minutes but it will completely change your perception on how you think you speak and how you think you come across.
Are you ready?

A small introduction from Steve Hudson:

Different subjects and situations require different speeds and tones.

One of the most common mistakes in communication today is that we talk too fast without us realising it. This makes us sound less confident and nervous and makes it difficult for our listener to keep up with us. By simply adopting one of the principles of the Hudson Voice Technique and speaking at a slower rate, our listener will be able to retain more information and will have more confidence in us and what we say.


A few instructions:

The following script has been chosen because it is a perfect test for your speech pattern. Whether you are a CEO or a voiceover, the same rules apply.

Adding one or two seconds to a script is difficult – try it.


Find the stopwatch on your phone and time yourself. Don’t cheat by using gaps between words!


Read this:

"On Christmas Eve, many years ago, I lay quietly in my bed."

(Remember: One of the elements of the Hudson Voice Technique highlighted in our course is: 

Learn to read and speak slowly.


Steve Hudson:

"I expect you read it in about 4 seconds. In fact, the correct time is 8 seconds. Try it again and see if you can slow it down to the correct time. How did you get on? 

It is easier said than done. Can you see the difference?"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have come away convinced that the Hudson Voice Technique is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively, and that the skills acquired can be adapted for various purposes useful for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking generally, also for more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation.
I feel that the majority of solicitors would gain something from this course, and that the provider should be granted accreditation."

Susan Brown
Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Assessor

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