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Introduction by Steve Hudson, CEO


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Awesome course and an outstanding investment!

Karl JefferyIf you are serious about working as a voiceover, and genuinely want to develop the skills necessary to 'voice' like the professionals, this course is a MUST. Steve Hudson is both sincere, warm, and genuine. His expert teaching, and simple and easy to follow framework in this course makes it a joy to participate in. What I love best was that after learning each lesson, the emphasis is on practicing what you learn, to really develop the skills. After all, it's your voice you're trying to get 'work' with... it's the 'tool of your trade' - Developing your voice skills go alongside with developing and growing your career as a voiceover. Well worth the investment.

Karl Jeffery


Darren Altman & DecDo you watch Britain's Got Talent?

If so, you may have seen Darren Altman performing this year. He is an incredibly talented voiceover artist and guess what? 
He was trained in the Hudson Voice Technique!



Natalia FarranSince I finished the Hudson Voice Technique course, I have recorded several voiceovers.
In one job in particular I even amazed myself!
There was another person who was supposed to work with me but didn't turn up,
and I ended up doing twice the work in half the time,  due to your training,
and they only had to pay one person, not two.

They were very grateful because their budget was very tight.
Natalia Farran

MicrophonetransleftVoiceoverBackgroundWe will teach you to become a professional voiceover

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